Financial Statements and Monitoring

MATRIX is aware that survival for any business depends on 'cash-flow'. How the firm creates and manages its cash resources is necessarily detailed in the firm's financial statements.

The role of the auditor is to re-introduce objectivity into the accountability reporting process by requiring an independent expert opinion.

Auditors must attest to the credibility of statements ensuring that they reliably inform interested parties as to the financial soundness of an enterprise or organisation.

Indeed the modern challenge for the auditor is also to contribute to the detection and prevention of fraud, and to comment on the effectiveness of corporate management structures.

This is linked to the role of examining the economic efficiency and effectiveness of expenditures and activities. The focus of MATRIX Auditing Services is to assure interested parties that financial statements are reliable and correct.

As failure to do so has obvious implications for the firm's financial strategy, funding sources and creditors, MATRIX will assist client firms in the proper maintenance of good accounting procedures; manual or computerised e.g. using SAGE, Quickbooks etc.