Renewable Energy

MATRIX Business Services provide a range of advice and guidance to small and medium sized businesses, farming and rural enterprises and voluntary and community groups on the potential financial benefits and savings to be achieved through installation of various renewable energy technologies.

MATRIX staff and their associates have experience in assessing the full cost benefits of utilising renewable energy to power your business of enterprise. There are important issues to be discussed for any individual, business or rural enterprise considering investing in renewable energy;

What type of Renewable Energy Technology is best suited to me/business? 
What will it cost to install? What savings can be made? 
Payback period on investment? When do I see any return on investment?
Would I be eligible for NI Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCS) or the future Renewable Heat Incentive, which can be traded within the UK?
Planning or installation issues? 
Technical advice, assistance, and servicing issues?
Where to get renewable energy products and qualified, accredited installers?
What are the potential carbon reductions?
What grants/funding/tax benefits are available.?
What financial institutions require to support the renewables investment?

MATRIX staff regularly attends renewable energy conferences and undertake study trips with clients to the UK and Europe to research and analyse the latest developments in renewable energy technology and installation. We have a wide range of technical and professional contacts throughout Europe to enable us to provide independent and impartial advice on green energy technologies, including;

Solar Heating (or solar thermal, for hot water)
Solar Photovoltaic for Electricty
Wind Generation Turbines
Heat Transfer Pumps
Biomass Fuelled Combined Heat and Power
Anaerobic Digestion
Micro Hydro Generation

For further information on any aspect of renewable energy, its applications, feasibility, financing or to receive assistance with the preparation of a project appraisal or sourcing grant funding please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.