Strategic Business Planning

Essentially concerning the long-term direction of the client firm or organisation, strategic business planning incorporates 3 main elements: 'strategic analysis'- to determine the firms market position; 'strategic choice' - evaluating and choosing the appropriate course of action; 'strategy implementation' - concerned with practical implementation and managing any necessary change.
All in all, strategic business planning is about deciding what to offer, to whom and how, based on market need. 'Strategic analysis' aims at assisting clients in making sense of their competitive environment and to understand the key forces which influence that environment and how they impact the business. Following from this analysis is 'strategic choice', which springs from the firm or organisations mission or goals, in turn reflecting stakeholder expectations.

How the firm chooses to compete, using its advantages and competences and its financial strategy, also provide bases for 'strategic choice' MATRIX recognises that strategic choice comes down to management judgement and Matrix aims to ensure that our clients can make that choice from an informed perspective.

Implementing the strategy, - putting management choice into action - is the next area in which MATRIX provides practical assistance. Important considerations include the company's structure, its systems, resource planning and how it will manage any required change.

Thus managing strategically requires the consideration of many factors affecting the firm. All these factors must be addressed in the strategic business plan. MATRIX offers expertise to make sense of these elements in order to provide practicable actionable recommendations.

The MATRIX Business Plan is a solutions document providing a sharply focused guide to the management of the firm or organisation - helping it to compete and to succeed in achieving its goals and to grow. The plan will necessarily concentrate on the firm's competitive strategy and resource requirements, which are especially important to the growing business.