Business Mentoring

MATRIX is an experienced provider of Business Mentoring support which is tailored to provide confidential guidance and expertise to struggling businesses. Business Mentoring provides an objective view of how an individual business or organisation is performing.

One to One mentoring will enable the client business to discuss their current situation regarding turnover, cash-flow, orders, debtors/creditors, cost base etc in a rational and objective manner with an experienced qualified mentor, assess all options available to the business and create an action or recovery plan to enable the business to continue in the future.

The MATRIX Business Mentor ensures that the client is fully aware of the actual financial situation of the company including any borrowings, future orders/contracts etc and the actual costs involved in service or order delivery so that informed decisions can be made regarding the future direction and long term financial sustainability of business.

MATRIX has previously provided business and financial mentoring advice to a range of Small and Medium Enterprises, farms, community and voluntary groups and social enterprises. Farm businesses advised involved a varied range of dairy, beef, sheep, pig and poultry farm businesses and farm diversification businesses including engineering, activity tourism and renewable energy applications such as biomass chp, solar, wind generation and bio-oil production. Community groups include a range of cross community and single identity groups developing trading arms and social enterprises to reduce reliance on grant aid.

MATRIX is registered as a business mentor with;

Ulster Community Investment Trust (UCIT)
Community Foundation for Northern Ireland (CFNI)
Department of Agriculture Northern Ireland (DARD)
Countryside Rural Agri Partnership

MATRIX provides Specialist Business Mentoring advice on behalf of Invest NI Social Entrepreneurship Programme and also provides Interim Management for Businesses on behalf of Invest NI Interim Management Programme for SME???s.