Business & Project Appraisal

On many occasions, small businesses, community groups, private and public sector firms require funding to grow and to take advantage of new opportunities.
Economic appraisals and feasibility reports are needed to properly present the viability of new plans and to justify the required funding. MATRIX will help firms secure the appropriate funding from local, European and government-backed sources.

Our strong reputation with various Funding Agencies helps minimise potential delays in uniting client firms with the right funding source.

MATRIX have an experienced team of consultants and associates able to deliver assignments within tight timescales, clearly identifying any potential issues and recommending a number of conditions which will help to address these issues.

All of MATRIX Economic Appraisals are consistent with current economic appraisal guidance (HM Treasury Appraisal and Evaluation in Central Government 2003 (the Green Book) and the DFP NI Practical Guide to the Green Book (2003)).

With each assignment, a number of key stakeholders will be contacted to ensure that there is a need for the project, that the project meets that need, and that it will not displace other facilities in the region. Each viable option identified is then costed and assessed against non monetary factors. Key issues such as additionality, ability to deliver and sustainability of the project are also examined.